things to do in winterI normally dread the onset of winter. Oftentimes so much¬†that I forget to enjoy fall. But this year I’m learning to like the winter. While I don’t want to spend extended periods of time outside, it does have it’s benefits! I am learning to ski, I’m painting more, I’m catching up on my reading and TV shows. So, for those of you less-enthused about winter just settling in, here are 10 ideas to keep you happy and entertained this season.

10: The cold makes for a great excuse to hibernate and catch up on the latest movies and binge watch all of your beloved tv shows. Netflix just added Friends and even though I’ve seen them all 8 million times, I can’t. stop. watching.
9: Try a new recipe. I am trying to break out of my culinary rut of tacos/lettuce wraps or salads every night. I would like to try some winter soups and meals that can be prepared ahead of time and eaten later in the week when things get busy.
8: Make something. Try knitting a scarf, painting a landscape, or making jewelry. It’s a great way to keep your hands and mind active while watching all that Netflix!
7: Play in the snow. I found an igloo in my park this weekend. You don’t have to get that ambitious, but you should take advantage of the more fun alternative to rain.
6: Read a book. I joined a book club, so I don’t have a reading bucket list this year, but I will keep the book reviews coming!
5: Discover new music. This always helps me beat the winter blues. Not to worry, I’m cooking up my winter playlist to share with you soon. I know the suspense is killing you.
4: Do yoga. This is more for me than anyone, but yoga is always so soothing, but especially in the winter. If you’re crazy, you can try hot yoga, but I don’t think that’s for me.
3: Pick up a winter sport. I know it’s easy for me to say living in Colorado, but I’m learning to ski and have found that it is a great workout, beautiful, and yes, one of the most emotionally challenging sports¬†I’ve tried.
2: Perfect your hot cocoa/coffee recipe. I go ape shit on some coffee in the winter and love finding new ways to spice it up. But a great cup of cocoa complete with marshmallows or whipped cream will do just fine too.
1: Plan a dream vacation. What better time is there to dream of crystal clear waters, sunshine, and endless beaches? Plus you can put all the money you save not going out in these frigid temps towards your vaca!

Stay warm!

x B

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