Month: January 2014

Redecorating with Mom and Dad

Well, after years of trying to convince my parents that my design advice should actually be taken seriously, they finally listened.  What they don’t realize is that people pay big bucks for a designer’s opinion and they are getting it for FREE!! I mean, who wouldn’t want unsolicited design advice from the little monster they fed, clothed, educated, and had to listen to bitch about everything they are doing wrong in their home for 20+ years??  (I’m shedding myself in the most positive of lights, don’t you think?)

Being the parents of four children, they are often investing in one of their offsprings’ latest endeavors (sports, arts, education, galavanting through Europe, etc.) rather than their home.  This room hasn’t really been touched since it was added onto the house in 2003, so its time for a little love.

M and D before

I told them I would treat them like a client and present an overall scheme to them along with affordable (we’re talking Ikea and Target, people) furniture finds to help them re-invent this room.  The only problem with this is we have very different design styles.  I’m all, “Don’t you just love the simplicity of mid-century modern furniture legs?”, and “Who isn’t obsessed with lucite furniture, velvet, and brass EVERYTHING??”…and my parents are all, “A furniture leg is a furniture leg”, and “We aren’t.  That’s who.”   So, we have to find a way to blend the traditional elements they like (and that match the 1930’s exterior of the home), with my eclectic, bohemian, and often “over-ambitious” tastes to create a room that functions well for them.  This is the most-used room in the house, mainly for America’s favorite activity — T.V. watching.  It is also where we gather with guests, where the parents eat dinner 90% of the time (they will kill me for saying that), cuddle with the puppies in the above photo, and where reading takes place from time to time.  Naturally, I turned to my main girl, Emily Henderson, for inspiration.  When I showed my Mom this room that Emily did, she was sold.  (And who wouldn’t be?  Girl’s got style.)

joannagoddard-living-roomPhoto: Emily Henderson

So with this, the inspiration was born: warm leather and wood tones, bright sunny windows, shelving to display Mom’s eclectic mix of books, her collection of vintage and antique cameras (see my favorite below), adorbable family photos, etc., and an overall cozy, comfortable, inviting space that they would feel comfortable living in day-to-day.  After much discussing, we came up with the following solution.  See our inspiration board here.

Mom and Dad Plan Vingette 1

The room is an odd shape because it was mine and my dear sister’s bedroom until they added onto the side of the house and knocked out the exterior wall in the aforementioned last time this room was touched…10 years ago.  This makes it long and (somewhat) narrow.  The only light is coming from the three windows at the far end of the room.  This room is also the main traffic flow from the back door that is used most often and the rest of the house.  They have gradually been repainting the house so we selected a color palette a while back.  This room is to be the perfect shade of warm grey: Sherwin Williams, Mink.

Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 12.27.36 PMUnknown

For the rest of the color palette, I chose browns, navy, shades of green ranging from emerald to sage, gold, and coral.

We had to work with a few of the current pieces of furniture– the large sectional (pictured above), the chest of drawers that functions as the media console, and the antique trunk that’s been in my mom’s family for years.  With that in mind, we came up with the remaining furniture pieces below.

M and D Mood Board

Bookcase//Sheepskin//Poster//Shelves//Bookcase with Glass Doors//Striped Rug//Chair//Floor Lamp//Geometric Rug

I have big plans for the huge empty expanse of wall…a gallery wall!  They have quite an extensive art collection — albeit largely comprised of pieces my siblings or I’ve made for them over the years, but they have some great pieces from traveling, the Ikea poster above (love!), etc.  What better way to add color and interest to an otherwise boring wall and to display their eclectic tastes?

We are working on repainting, assembling furniture (you should have witnessed me and my mom trying to load 300+ pounds of Ikea furniture on our own…but we did it!), accessorizing, placing artwork, etc.  More to come, stay tuned.

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Peter Pilotto for Target (!!!)

It’s hereeee!  Target always does two designer collaborations, one in the spring and one in the fall, and they are continuing their streak of awesome partnerships with Peter Pilotto!

Sometimes its hard for a high-end designer’s point of view to translate into the ready-to-wear, off-the-rack clothing us mortals are expected to buy.  This collection transcends that stereotype, so clean out your closets ladies and make room for some of these awesome pieces!


This mixture of graphic black and white prints is pure genius.  I will most definitely be scooping up that top and skirt.




I’m usually not a fan of the crop top since my mid-drift is my least favorite part of my body, but after Kerry Washington proved that you can rock a crop top at any size and after seeing this combo, I just might be convinced.


This dress!!! Get in my closet.


I’m not sure I could pull this off in a million years, but I love the silhouette, pattern, and detailing.


This dress is so quirky, but it will definitely make an impression.  I love the unique neckline, graphic print, and bold color palette.


And finally, this romper.  Ow ow!

Now I’m just counting down the days until this collection hits stores February 9th.  (18 days in case anyone is wondering).

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Queen B


Photo credit: Just Jared

As if we needed another reason to put Beyonce on top, she released a secret album and the world went ape shit.  While this is an extremely impressive feat, what I find much more ground breaking are her genuine lyrics in “Pretty Hurts”. (Admittedly this is the only song I have listened to in its entirety from this album, but it hits home).

I know most people are rolling their eyes at the most gorgeous woman in the world writing a song about how hard being pretty is, but the queen has a point: “Pretty hurts, we shine the light on whatever’s worse.  Perfection is the disease of a nation”.

Let’s all take Bey’s advice to heart and just admit that “it’s the soul that needs the surgery”, not us.  You are a beautiful, bootylicious, and independent woman, embrace it.  Oh and don’t forget to shake your jelly at every chance.

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Golden Globes’ Best Dressed Round-Up

AHHH!  I love awards season!  And last night’s Golden Globes did not disappoint.

Here’s my round-up of the best dressed.  Let’s start with the lovely hostesses:


Two of the most beautiful and talented women in the same bright red:


Gorgeous neutrals with beading/metallic accents:


These ladies’ plunging necklines proved that cleavage can be demure and still sexy without boobs out full force a la Kim Kardashian.


Two ladies pulling off column dresses like it’s their job:


Two blondes pulling off colorful ensembles.  (Side note: just started Orange Is The New Black this weekend. CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING. — except to watch the Golden Globes red carpet and the awards themselves, of course.)


And last but not least, these two pretty pregnant ladies.  If I look half as good as these two with a baby inside me, I’ll reconsider having children.  Kerry, you are perfect!


All photos:

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2014 Reading Bucket List

I neglected reading in 2013.  Well, I guess I shouldn’t generalize so much, I did read.  I just read more celebrity gossip, magazines, blogs, and other literary endeavors than novels.  So, I plan to turn this around in 2014…dream big!  I have made a list of the 12 books I would like to read (or reread) this year, 1 per month, plus two extras just in case I have an abundance of free time…again, dream big!

Some are critically acclaimed, others are more for entertainment value, but variety is the spice of life. And I have to give myself some breaks since reading one book a month is a little ambitious for me given last year’s track record.

2014 Books

The Fountainhead | A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius | To Kill a Mockingbird | Alias Grace | Sarah’s Key | 1Q84 | Memoirs of a Geisha | Lean In | The Goldfinch | The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao | Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse | Everything Is Perfect When You’re a Liar | Dear Girls Above Me | Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

If I left anything out, feel free to chime in!

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