Month: April 2014

Seasons Change

Seasons Change

It’s warming up, flowers are blooming, and days are longer, so let’s celebrate with another awesome playlist.  (I’m very modest about my excellent taste in music).  I’m into songs for sunroof open drives, or at least songs that take you there mentally when you’re stuck in the office or if the weather isn’t cooperating. This playlist ranges from old favorites, Paul Simon, to more recent years’ obsessions, Future Islands and my main biatch, Lana Del Rey (….anyone selling their tickets to her show at Red Rocks? Anyone? Anyone?).


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I was lucky enough to attend the Phantogram concert at the Ogden Theatre in Denver this week.  The venue was beyond awesome and the band even more so.  If these guys aren’t on your radar, then add them now!  This song is from their latest album, Voices, and is not disappointing to hear live.  Her dance moves are pretty awesome too.

Things Moving Cross-Country Has Taught Me

moving cross-country

I recently surprised my coworkers, friends, and family with news that I was moving from South Carolina to Colorado. Moving without a job or without any real contacts, just because. Everyone was shocked and acted as if it was really uncharacteristic of me. They were surprised I could be so far away from my family and friends, surprised that I wanted to quit my job, surprised I wanted to move to a colder climate.

I was extremely confused by everyone’s reactions and their extreme concern for my parents’ wellbeing. Why did everyone think this was so unlike me? Did everyone think I was happy with my job, my surroundings, my life? Well…I wasn’t. I felt lost, discouraged, bitter, and above all, stagnant. I couldn’t explain it at the time, but this move felt right. After making this decision, then the cross-country trek, and now living with my decision for over a month now I’ve learned some valuable lessons.

I’m a dreamer.
I guess I always knew this since I was a child and could entertain myself for hours with little else but my imagination. I am constantly laying out goals and plans for myself and while admittedly CO didn’t ever cross my radar until recently, I knew if I stayed where I was I would do exactly that — stay put. I have lofty dreams for my future so there is no time like the present to make the necessary changes to get me there.

I’m independent.
Again, I’ve known this since 4th grade when we received anonymous notes from all of our classmates about our most positive attribute. One of the most notable ones I received said, “You know how to keep boys like me in line”. Yeah, so I guess I’ve been an independent ball-buster since 1998. But I feel that I’ve only recently really come to terms with my independent spirit. I like that I can be alone or do things alone without worrying about what other people think about me. I also like that I don’t have to rely on other people or things to make me happy, only I can make myself happy (cliche, but true).

I’m confident.
I guess this goes along with being independent, but I no longer feel bogged down by feelings of anxiety and self consciousness. I know who I am and I’m not afraid to be myself anymore. I am a better decision maker and no longer worry constantly about what I should do. I also know my skill set and am not afraid to admit when I have questions or am struggling with something. I also no longer worry about what people think of me — I’ve learned the hard way this is a waste of time and you are generally wrong 90% of the time.

Friendships aren’t determined by proximity.
I have an awesome set of close friends who care about me from high school, college, and work.  For years, many of us have been communicating long distance since we are separated (sometimes by several states) for work, school, circumstance, etc. I thought I might start to lose touch with friends after moving so far away, but you get out what you put in. A phone call every once in a while goes a long way to maintaining friendships. These days it’s hard not to stay in touch through some form of communication — texting, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Snapchat, you name it! And when we do finally see each other, we never miss a beat and it feels as though we haven’t been apart.

Money doesn’t grow on trees.
This one is self explanatory, but I felt I should include it. Lesson learned.

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