Month: May 2014

Guest Blog Post: Designing with Black & White

Black and White

1. clock // 2. lamp // 3. peonies // 4. book // 5. tray // 6. black and brass box // 7. floral print


Check out my latest guest blog post on the Postcard from Paris blog about decorating with Black & White here!  I’ve also included a few of my favorite accessories in the post (and in the above photo), but have included the links here as well in case you spot something you love.  Happy shopping!

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Pacey Witter (!!!)


I had a deprived childhood and never watched “Dawson’s Creek” (cue the violin).  Thank god for Netflix and the ability to binge watch so you can accomplish your childhood aspirations in record time. This binging has only added fuel to the fire that ignited the first time I watched the classic film, The Mighty Ducks, and I decided I must marry Joshua Jackson and have his babies. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

Holy shit, Pacey was a hottie, but not compared to the photos I uncovered in a recent google search of J.J. He’s still got it…




In case he couldn’t get hotter, he grows a beard.

The only thing keeping us apart?…he has a girlfriend.  Not just any girlfriend, but Diane Kruger.  And they’re perfect.



He can even successfully pull off an ascot and not look like a total jackass. Sigh. Josh, call me if she ever dumps you.

Happy Monday!

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Denver Botanical Gardens

denver botanical gardens

A few weeks ago I spent the perfect afternoon wandering the botanical gardens, snapping photos, and obsessing over the architecture. The overall design of the landscape is varied and unique to keep your interest. The architecture is (conveniently) mid-century modern so you know I was in heaven. My only regret, I didn’t bring my sketchbook along.

denver botanical gardensdenverdenver botanical gardensdenver botanical gardensdenver botanical gardens


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Reading List Update: April


This month was crazy. Moving into a new apartment (that required a deep cleaning of every square inch), starting a new job, and maintaining my sanity required my reading to take the back burner for the month. In this case, it was perfect timing to pick up Charlie McDowell’s Dear Girls Above Me.

This book is not only a breeze to read, but it is wildly entertaining. I was reading this on a plane and couldn’t stifle my laughter, but it was totally worth all of the weird looks I attracted.

The only drawback (if I’m being dramatic) was it only further increased my obsession with bearded men, and now I’m in love with Charlie. Also, I’m very concerned about what the people who live below us must think.

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Shop Seven|Sixteen

I have some exciting news today, I started an Etsy shop! I’ve been painting and making my own cards for a while now and I have always wanted to open a (virtual) shop to share them with the public. So, I finally bit the bullet and put in the time to create a meager inventory, make some adorable packaging, and to follow through with the dealer “paperwork” Etsy requires (this was by far the easiest part, thanks, Etsy!).

See a few of the designs below.

donut card

watercolor tulips card

watercolor watermelon cardCheck out the full Etsy shop here!

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Rad Design

I had the pleasure of staying at the Radisson Blu Hotel at the Mall of America in Minneapolis this week and I was absolutely blown away.  The caliber of design was beyond my wildest expectations and I just had to share the amazing job they have done with the space!

From the outside it already doesn’t look like your average hotel.  The puzzle piece window cut outs and blue lights are a beacon for those arriving to the hotel.  (In my case I was very, very tired so this was the mothership calling me home).


And then you walk into this (!!!) Excuse me while I stare at all the walls, fixtures, finishes, and lighting and forget my last name so you can’t even confirm my reservation.  I can only hope this happens to everyone upon their arrival and not just me.  What’s that? It is just me?…figures.


(You may recognize this from the Instagram photo below, guilty!)

We also ate dinner at their killer on-site restaurant, FireLake Grill.  The food was fabulous, but I was dying over the design…so much going on!  But in an extremely tasteful way and not an assault on the eyeballs.


And these photos are seriously just scraping the surface.  If you are ever in the area you definitely need to check this place out.  Or if you’re not in the area you should make a special trip, I promise it’s worth it!

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