Month: October 2014

Sneak Peek

handmade card

New card designs, including stationery sets coming soon! Be sure to check back for the latest designs and to order holiday cards and sets…yes, it’s that time of year already. I know, I hate me too.

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Reading List Update: October

books to read in your 20's
Based on this post, you may have picked up on the subtle hint that I don’t have my shit together. Everyday is a battle of overcoming a mountain of anxiety, figuring out future finances, and trying to make friends (unsuccessfully) in a new city. My mom told me about a book that seemed to be right up my alley called, Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse. I read this book over a long weekend and it was a lifesaver for me.

It is short, easy to read, and highly relatable. It is so great to hear from someone in our generation who isn’t flaunting their body, possessions, and status on Instagram. Who isn’t afraid to admit they don’t have their shit together. And most importantly someone who has a sense of humor about the entire situation. It’s tough not to compare yourself to everyone around you and feel that you are 10 steps behind. Nugent makes the reader feel less alone in an overwhelming sea of bills, student loans, and real-world work experience. If you’re looking for an inspiring read to get you through your mid-twenties, this is the book for you!

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Love Me Tinder

love me tinder

As an “adult” in the 21st century, it is time I come to terms with the fact that my idyllic views of dating/falling in love are archaic and about as likely as my childhood dream of marrying J.C. Chasez. (Hey, at least my heart wasn’t set on Lance Bass, right?) I need to come to terms with the fact that I will not marry my high school or college sweetheart — mostly because I can’t commit long enough to call anyone in my past a “sweetheart”, but there was nothing sweet about them. I need to realize I am not going to meet the perfect guy in a bar (thanks for setting my “meeting my life partner in a bar” expectations unrealistically high mom and dad! You two were just extremely luckily). So what is a girl who refuses to date any of her male friends or convert lesbianism just yet to do? The answer: Tinder.

My tinder experience comes from months ago and I have since deleted the app, but it’s taken me a while to build up the courage to discuss it. So, I’ve decided it’s finally time to let the world hear about my tinder experience because I know you all have been waiting with bated breath! (That’s sarcasm, even my mom doesn’t read my blog anymore).

I was hesitant to download and get sucked into the world of tinder because it seemed extremely vain and superficial and as a girl who has relied on her personality to get her through life, you can understand my hesitation to put myself up against the hot, slutty, pushed-up-boob pool I imagined to be on tinder. But as most of my terrible life decisions began, I drank enough wine to get up the courage.

It only took me about twenty minutes to realize I had nothing to worry about. Tinder has absolutely no filter so everyone on there has relied on their personality their entire lives! The hot people do not need tinder to get laid –seems logical now so I’m not sure why that thought didn’t cross my mind sooner. I could swipe through anyone from people with sleeves of unoriginal tattoos and catchphrases alike to guys who looked to be no older than 11. I also found some who were rather “creative” with their hair and wardrobe choices. I did get several matches because boys will swipe right for anyone and it became more of a game for me to find someone I didn’t immediately match with.

Once matched, you reach an entirely new level of anxiety while waiting for your match to break the ice. After receiving everything from “if we were to role play in bed (as if that is even necessary to include since where the fuck else do you role play??) which Disney couple would we be?” Umm, I am not six and haven’t thought about fucking Aladdin since, thank you, to the all too creative “hey”, I realized we are all weirdos just looking for the thrill of texting a stranger.

I don’t think tinder is the key to my happiness, but it does make for some humorous stories and temporary entertainment. Call me old fashioned, but I would still like to believe that true romance still exists and that it is still possible to meet someone organically.

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Figuring It Out.

life in your 20's

Everyone tells you that your 20’s are your best years and that you should enjoy them while you can. I’m hardly the first person to broach the subject, but really? Are they? I know, I know, one day I’ll look back on all of this and laugh, but will someone please admit that your 20’s are hard as shit?

Bills, work, making friends, working out, preparing dinner, making time to let loose, money, career, hobbies, relationships, staying in touch, etc. are all part of a delicate balance and we are constantly juggling a million of these things at any given time. It’s exhausting! As I’m writing this list I am also trying to plan my future, figure out my financial standing at the moment, and attempting to recall the last time I actually worked out (hint: it’s been over a month). Meanwhile I am stressing over what time I will go to bed so I can get into the office early tomorrow to cross off the 8,000 things on my to-do list. Not to mention I have had dry-cleaning rolling around in the back of my car for over a month now because every time I pass the dry cleaners they are always closed! When does it end?!

I know it’s not all bad. I still have no boyfriend, kids, or family to provide for, care for, or be responsible for in any way. (If the list of above is any indication, I wonder why!). I can travel whenever I want without having to worry about another living thing surviving in my absence. I can stay up late, go out whenever I want, watch whatever I please and not have to worry about another person wanting to do the same things. I am a single person thoroughly enjoying my independence. I also enjoy the mysteriousness of what lies ahead. Yes, it sucks being single while all of my friends are getting married, but they do not have the thrill of a first kiss to look forward to again. Yes, it sucks having to fully support myself while some of my friends are making 2-5x more than me, but if I am in debt because I bought too many shoes, no one gets hurt. (Including me, shoes are the shit and credit card companies should acknowledge that.) Yes, I have no idea where I will be or what I’ll be doing in five years, but it is exciting to think of all of the possibilities that lie ahead.

So, let’s all take a deep breath, realize growing up is hard, but exciting, totally crazy, and awesome at the same time.

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Reading Update: September

Reading list update: september

I know, it’s almost halfway through October, but I picked some long books for 2014! Lesson learned: check the page count before committing to read 14 long ass books in one extremely busy year. Oh well, this challenge has made me read more and watch less Netflix. I also haven’t read a magazine in months, so I would say it’s paying off. Though I am sad to admit I don’t know that I can finish all 14 books in the remaining 2.5 months (WHAT?) of the year.

Anyway, I digress. For September (let’s be honest, starting in August and extending into September), I chose to read Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. My older sister, who majored in Architecture, and several of my design/architecture peers from school have recommended this book to me for years. It’s been on my reading list for at least five years now (embarrassing) so I added it to this challenge to make myself finally read it.

I won’t get into all of Rand’s themes and ideals, but this book is cerebral in a way that doesn’t feel pretentious. While I can’t completely relate to Howard Roark’s character, he does make an excellent point about design being about the individual. I tell everyone I would love my job if I didn’t have to deal with people. (Only slightly kidding, I have met some absolutely wonderful people that are or began as clients, but design would be so much easier if you could make all of the decisions without consent of a client! This goes for when I am designing for myself too.)

If you are a design nerd or looking for a great read examining society’s outlook on life, The Fountainhead is truly a great read!

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Fall Playlist

Change of seasons = change of music. I usually like to slow it down a little in the fall to prepare me for the whirlwind that is the end of the year. Here’s what I’m listening to these days, take it or leave it.
(You should totally take it.)

Happy Fall, y’all! (I’m slowly rubbing off on my co-workers and they are starting to say “y’all”, muah ha ha)

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