Month: April 2015

April Favorites

five favoritesI can’t believe another month has come and gone, where is this year going?! This month’s weather varied drastically in true Denver fashion, but I was able to take advantage of the benefits of spring with sun filled days more than once. Here is my list of my five favorite moments from this month.

April Favorites:

1- Rockies’ games. I usually can’t tell you the score or even who won since baseball is most definitely not my favorite sport, but I do love the atmosphere of the stadium and the gorgeous sunset view it has to offer.

2- Al fresco dining. I don’t know why food tastes better when you’re enjoying it on a rooftop or patio, but it does. We had a wonderful (vegan) lunch on Watercourse Foods‘ patio this month. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

3- In light of al fresco dining season, we just purchased new furniture for our communal deck in our apartment and I can’t wait to spruce it up with cafe lights and plants (if I can keep them alive).

4- Creating some commissioned cards for a great friend!

seven sixteen designs

5- Outdoor concert season. It is finally time to enjoy music outside! This month we got to see A$AP Rocky (my favorite) and Snoop Dogg, more to come in a follow up post. I also have a few Red Rocks shows on the horizon and I cannot wait.

x B

Unlikely Wall Art

Now that I’m “mature” it is time to put an end to my decision anxiety and actually commit to art on my walls. The idea of putting a nail hole in the wall terrifies me so much that I’ve convinced myself that using washi tape to hold up my magazine tear outs is actually a “bohemian” look. (I wish I was kidding, but as I’m typing this I can count 6 pieces in my room that are either made by yours truly or carefully dislodged from the Anthropologie catalogue and adhered to my wall in this way.)

So, it is time to broaden my art horizons and make some actual art purchases. I have been obsessing over woven wall hangings for months now which inspired me to go on the hunt to find some unlikely pieces to be used as wall art. Enter my round up of unlikely candidates that will be sure to become a focal point in any room and make your guests green with envy at your progressive art collection. Some of these are even DIY if you’re feeling crafty! (Or if you’re like me you will pin these to make when you have time…and they will still be there waiting for you after six months.)

unique wall art

tribal art // brass ring // feathers // string art // woven wall hanging
(Is it embarrassing or awesome that I didn’t even realize the color coordination of these brass, cream, and black beauties until I was assembling them into a monochromatic collage?)

Happy hanging!

x B

Artist Profile: Harrison Blackford

Greenville, SC, mine and Kelly’s hometown is becoming quite a hub for artist and many of them are making a name for themselves across the country, not just in the Southeast. One such artist is next in our Artist Profile series, Harrison Blackford. Harrison’s portfolio is a combination of bright impressionistic and abstract work.harrison blackford

harrison blackford

She also has a broad range of landscape and architectural pieces highlighting the unique building vernacular from around the world. I love her use of unexpected color and the depth she creates with added texture.harrison blackford



harrison blackfordSee her full portfolio on her website and rumor has it she will be adding new pieces in May!

x B


Spring 2015 Playlist

With temperatures on the rise, my musical taste tends to defrost a little and I like to listen to happier, more pop-like artists. It’s time to discover new up and coming artists and revisit new material from some beloved old ones. I’ve curated this playlist for days in the park, car rides to new hiking trails, and bike rides around town. Enjoy!

Spring 2015 Playlist:

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Artist Profile: Grace Kreinbrink

Grace Kreinbrink
I stumbled on Grace Kreinbrink’s prints while browsing Minted and I fell in love with her subtle yet vibrant watercolors. While landscapes are often her subject matter, she also does beautiful abstract work. Her use of layering adds so much depth to each piece and each piece vividly captures a fleeting moment in time.Grace Kreinbrink Grace Kreinbrink Grace Kreinbrink Grace Kreinbrink


You can purchase prints of all of the above paintings (and more!) at her Minted store.

x B

Travel Guide: Barcelona


Barcelona is one my favorite cities in the entire world – perhaps even my favorite. I studied abroad there in 2007, so I’m always happy to return. Over Easter, I was lucky to visit for five days and the city was as amazing as ever.

We stayed in the Raval area (not far from where I lived), located in the old part of town. I’m most comfortable in this neighborhood and love it for all its quirks, wonderful restaurants and everything in between. The city is a great size with much of it being walkable, or a short metro ride away.  You can also be on the beach or up in the hills within an easy walking distance.


The first day we were there we walked around most of the city.  We saw the MACBA, Cathedral, Plaza Reial, El Born, Santa Maria del Mar, Ciutadella Park and Barceloneta. Weather was fabulous and it was great to wander through the city’s familiar streets. We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants: La Pizza del Borne. As you’ve probably guessed by the name it’s not traditional Spanish food, but it’s delicious. We finished the day with a spectacular show at the MNAC fountains.


On the next day we visited Park Güell, although not the most famous bit because you have pay and there was a massive line for the entrance. The weather was much warmer than anticipated so we escaped the afternoon heat for a leisurely Spanish lunch and siesta.  Later that evening we wandered up Passeig de Gràcia and had some delicious tapas before heading back to Las Fernàndez, a restaurant located just a few doors down from the AirBnB apartment where we stayed.


Sunday morning we got up early and hiked up Montjuïc to visit the Miró Museum and check out all the Olympic sites.  We continued up the hill all the way to the castle before heading to the Palau de la Música for a flamenco performance.


No trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to some Gaudí buildings.  One of the highlights of the trip was a visit to the Palau Güell.  It was under renovation every other time I’ve been in Barcelona so I never knew it existed. The house reopened in 2011 and was one of Gaudí’s first commissions.  Compared to everything else in the city, the place was practically empty.  It was built between 1886-1888 and the family lived there until the 1930s.  It even had a rooftop with some lovely views of the city and some chimneys in a classic Gaudí style.


After our visit we had a wonderful menù del día at iposa, in one of my favorite areas of the Raval/Ciutat Vella.  With full bellies, we trekked up to the Sagrada Família to tour the basilica and even went to the top of one of the towers. The day ended at Ambar, located right on the corner of Rambla del Raval, known for excellent cocktails and perfect for people watching.


We spent our final morning at the Picasso museum, wandering the Barri Gòtic, and finally visiting La Boqueria. (We attempted to visit there two other times but it was shut due to holidays.)  All good things must come to an end, so we reluctantly had to pack our bags and return to London. If you’ve never been to Barcelona, or even if you have, it’s always worth a visit. She never disappoints.

x K

The Glass Castle

jeannette walls
I recently finished reading The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls (I know, only seven years after everyone else). I loved to hate this book and how ridiculous their parents were, but I constantly had to remind my self that this was not a work of fiction. I needed to not pass as much judgment since this was Walls and her siblings’ reality.

It is sad that so many people face the same challenges as Jeannette, but we hear very few success stories. Reading this made me appreciate my upbringing so much more and realize how very lucky I am/was to have parents who were responsible, reliable, and stable.

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What’s In A Name

I came across this website that defines your name a couple of weeks back, and it is uncanny! I have looked up the names of almost everyone I know and it is pretty accurate. I mean, embarrassingly enough, I do this, “Pernickety and paradoxically, disorganized, she is capable of spending two hours in the bathroom while neglecting other household chores…”.

See the rest of “Becky” below to see how accurate it is (or if we don’t know each other, to get to know my wildest quirks) and be sure to check yours out too!

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Leighton House Museum


In an effort to get out and do more things around London, my boyfriend and I set out to explore some of the lesser known sites in London. On Sunday we visited Leighton House Museum in Holland Park.  It was the former home of English painter, Frederic Leighton. Leighton was an avid traveler and collector, so much of his home was designed to house his collection and also included a large studio. One of the most notable rooms and elements of the house is the Arab Hall, which includes mosaics and tiles from his travels to the East. The other striking room is the upstairs painting studio with large windows overlooking the garden.

In addition to seeing the house itself, the museum regularly holds exhibitions there. During our visit, we saw A Victorian Obsession, an exhibition of paintings from the Pérez Simón collection.  The paintings are on display throughout the house, including some of Leighton’s own.  Overall the exhibition and house is very well kept and was an enjoyable morning out.  It’s probably not a museum anyone would seek out if they’re just visiting London for a few days, but if you have some spare time I’d recommend it. It’s also in the fancy Holland Park area so it’s quite fun to have a look at all the massive houses as you stroll to and from the museum.

x K