Month: May 2015

What I’m watching

I’ve managed to get simultaneously hooked on several series recently, some of which may be more popular than others.

1 – Orphan Black

This Canadian TV show is under the radar (I think), but is one of the better recent finds I’ve had on Netflix.  It’s about a girl who discovers she is clone and begins searching for answers and fighting to stay alive. Tatiana Maslany plays all the clones, which is quite a feat considering how different all of them are.  I have a soft spot for sci-fi dramas, ever since Roswell.

2 – The Killing

Based on the Danish series, The Killing is about a homicide cop trying to solve Rosie Larsen’s murder case. It’s like an extended Law and Order SVU, a show a regularly watched for years.  I just finished the first season and it ended with even more cliff hangers.

3 – Game of Thrones

I’ve finally given in. After years of everyone talking about and obsessing over this show, I decided it was time. I wouldn’t say I’m officially hooked yet, but I’m close to the end of season one and get the feeling that things are just kicking off.

x K

5 Favorite Blogs

As a blogger it’s no surprise that I love scrolling through blogs. I read a variety of blogs: design, fashion, lifestyle, and even cooking blogs (don’t worry, I stick to the easy recipes). These help me stay inspired, make me laugh, and are my favorite way to unwind after a long day or on a lazy weekend morning. I’ve rounded up my five favorite blogs to share with you, but these are in no particular order.

style by emily henderson1- Style by Emily Henderson
I turn to Emily whenever I need beautiful images, flawless styling, and a great sense of humor. Her blog covers everything from Interior Design (which is why I was originally drawn to it), to fashion, to pregnancy/being a mommy, to Craigslist finds in various cities across the country. I never get bored reading her posts even if they are about something I can’t relate to in the slightest. I think her style is right on point and I have never seen anything she’s done that disappointed. Yeah, yeah I know I should marry her already…Emily, if you’re reading this, any interest?

cupcakes and cashmere2- Cupcakes and Cashmere
Another blog authored by an Emily who has transitioned from working in publishing (at Conde Nast, no less) to full time blogging. Also a new mommy (to the most precious baby girl), her blog covers fashion, beauty, food, and Interior Design. Emily has great style that is reflected in all aspects of her blog and books. I own the first, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and she just published her second, Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home, which I am highly anticipating. And if any of you subscribe to Birchbox, Emily was the curator behind May’s box!

the everygirl3- The Everygirl
Not so much a blog as a database for everything in a girl’s life. The site features a variety of authors who cover everything from career profiles, fitness, recipes, fashion, beauty, travel, dating/relationships, and financial tips. They make all of these topics relatable, affordable, and appealing to us every girls. I have never read an article I didn’t like and am constantly inspired by the women they feature on their site. I can only hope to be featured one day…dream big people!

beautiful hello, emily jeffords4- Beautiful Hello
And yet, another author named Emily. Am I obsessed with people named Emily?? (Maybe I should use this to see if Emilys and Beckys are compatible?) Those close to me know how obsessed I am with Emily’s artwork and my internet friends know about my obsession because I blogged about it here…I have several prints of Emily’s work and I am constantly inspired by her painted style. Her blog is not only filled with pretty (or Beautiful) images of her work, but packed with awesome advice for creatives, entrepreneurs, and lost souls like myself.

joy the baker
5- Joy the Baker
Joy is, as you guessed, the baker turned food genius behind her blog. She creates interesting concoctions with the most seemingly opposite ingredients (peanut butter and pickle sandwich, anyone?), but always creates winning dishes. Her photography makes me want to bake (until I make a mess in the kitchen only to have my “muffins” come out of the oven flat and unappealing looking). She also offers great life advice and has gotten me through some dark times. Cheers, Joy!

Happy reading!

x B


Artist Profile: Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer
Our next featured artist is Jaime Derringer, the founder of Design Milk and creator of the following beauties. Her work is a compilation of layers, shapes, and color combinations to create a unique style all her own.Jaime Derringer
 140821-12Jaime DerringerHer pieces range from simplistic bold compositions to more complex and layered pieces, but I love the look of all of them. She has several collections with and Minted which contain many more incredible pieces.
Jaime Derringer

Jaime’s full body of work can be found on her site, which promises lots of pretty images for hours of scrolling entertainment.

x B

Loud Places

The xx is easily my favorite band. Whenever I’m in a happy, or sad, or angsty, etc., etc. mood I turn to their music as the perfect cure. Jamie xx, the percussionist/mixer behind the band, just released a solo album, In Colour, and what I’ve heard does not disappoint. The first single from the album features Romy, the guitarist and lead vocalist for the xx, whose voice makes me melt! Check out their awesome collaboration, Loud Places, below. Don’t worry, I’ll be over here dancing by myself (not in loud places). 

And be sure to listen to other pre-released tracks on Jamie’s site. The full album will be here June 2nd!
x B

Outfit Inspiration: Wedding Season

Every red blooded American knows that wedding season is in full swing. If you’re like me, this sends me into a panic of, “what to wear?”. You never know exactly how formal the occasion will be, you often don’t know the what the weather will do, and you want something that can multi task for the multiple weddings you will attend without making it obvious you’ve repeated the same outfit. So, I have assembled my picks for the perfect wedding season outfit. This ensemble can be considered formal or casual, strong enough to make a statement, and neutral enough to wear more than once. If you have lots of fetes on the horizon, feel free to mix up the accessories to make the outfit feel fresh every time.

wedding outfit
necklace // clutch // pumps // dress

x B

Artist Profile: Lisa Madigan

lisa madiganI often get caught in a trance when scrolling Pinterest and everything looks the same after a while. Yet, I still find ways to waste hours constantly scrolling. During one such mindless scrolling session I was snapped out of my trance by a painting that made my heart stop. Enter artist, Lisa Madigan.

Lisa is an Australian based artist that creates an interesting dichotomy with her work. Her paintings are light and airy while simultaneously full of depth and layer upon layer. The color theory Madigan explores in her work is interesting yet soothing, another impressive accomplishment.lisa madigan lisa madigan

This series of round paintings in copper frames is my absolute favorite. These would make for an incredibly awesome art installation used in a group of three!lisa madiganlisa madiganlisa madiganIt was tough narrowing down her body of work to these few paintings so be sure to take a look at Lisa’s full portfolio here.

x B

Sonia Delaunay

Recently, I went to the Tate Modern to see the Sonia Delaunay exhibition. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of her before, but she is quite a stalwart of the art world. Her sixty-year career began in Paris, and over the years she worked across a range of media. Delaunay is perhaps best known for her explorations in color theory, often collaborating with her husband and fellow artist, Robert Delaunay.

Delaunay’s work extends far beyond this. In addition to painting, she also worked across textiles, clothing and even some early graphic design.  Some of the work is incredible – particularly the clothing and textiles – and much of it still looks contemporary.  Other pieces seem to lack the same level of care and competence, but with over 60 years of work you can’t always expect perfection.  Delaunay died at age 94 and remained influential up until her death in 1979. The sheer breadth and length of Delaunay’s career is incredible and the exhibition captures the extent of her career very well. Below are some of my favorite pieces from the exhibition.

Le Bal Bullier, 1913

Propeller (Air Pavilion), 1937  (Photo:Emma Krantz)

Coat for actress Gloria Swanson, 1923-24

Textile for Metz & Co’s

Discs, 1968 (handknotted carpet)

If you like what you see here, be sure to check out Sonia’s Artsy page that includes additional bio information and up to date exhibitions.

x K

Patio Inspiration

patio inspirationThere is a communal patio deck at our house that has been subdivided into six apartments. This area has been neglected the entire time we have lived here and my roommate and I decided it was high time we took it under our wing and dressed it up. It is a great place to eat al fresco if the weather cooperates and it is an even better place to enjoy a glass of wine after work

We wanted a dining area, but given the size limitations we knew this would limit the number of people we could seat so we wanted to combine it with a slightly more lounge-y area as well. I use the term “lounge” loosely since there really isn’t room for much for a lounge. So we settled on a four person dining set with some additional cozy seating, lots of lush plants that will be a test of our gardening skills, and adorable cafe lights to warm it all up. I used many of the below images as our inspiration and we created the concept below.

patio inspirationpatio inspirationpatio design


hanging planter // cafe lights // dining set // pillows // bench

We still need to add the plants (but given Denver’s dicey weather, it is recommended that you don’t plant until after Mother’s Day so we will give it a try next week. I also hope to add more collected items over time like pillows and more plants to make it feel more lived in.

x B

A$AP Rocky and Snoop Dogg

It’s no secret that Colorado legalized the sale of recreational marijuana. It’s also no secret 4/20 is celebrated across the country as a day to indulge in such behavior. This year, Snoop Dogg held a concert to celebrate what is no doubt his favorite holiday. The line up included himself, 2 Chainz, and my personal favorite, A$AP Rocky. (Who wouldn’t love him, check out that swag!)
a$ap rockyimage source

We arrived at the concert a little late so I missed some of A$AP’s set, but what I did see was well worth it. It was a cold and rainy day so his wardrobe choice didn’t live up to his normal style, but he was still looking great. His new album comes out this month and I’m excited to hear more of his latest work.

Next up, was Snoop himself. He played everything from his “throwbacks” to his more recent work. It was a great time and we danced the night away to songs like the one below.

x B

Artist Profile: Jenna Snyder-Phillips

Jenna Snyder-PhillipsI first came across artist, Jenna Snyder-Phillips’ work while perusing photos on Domino’s website. The image below of Snyder Phillips’ apartment will forever be one of the most hauntingly beautiful interiors I have ever seen. Everything about this vignette is striking, but the bold graphics of her artwork captivate me the most.

Jenna Snyder-PhillipsAfter I found this image I immediately looked up other pieces from her portfolio. All of her work is striking and simple yet bold. This is a style I have sought after for years and my paintings always end up an overworked blob of color. Her portfolio ranges from figures to wildlife to landscapes. She even has a few abstract pieces as well.
jenna snyder-phillips jenna snyder-phillips jenna snyder-phillipsHer full portfolio (including interior styling work!) can be found here. Her full apartment tour can be found on Domino here. And you can find me staring at these paintings through my computer screen all day!

x B