Month: June 2015

June Favorites

june favoritesJune is typically a blissfully warm month filled with lots of outdoor activities. This year’s weather is making that a little difficult, but that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed these past 4 weeks. Here’s my round up of June Favorites!

June Favorites:

  1. Orange is New Black is back! This show provides me with some great humor and a healthy dose of appreciation for my life that is not in prison.
  2. Trying Ethiopian food for the first time. If you are in the Denver area be sure to visit Queen of Sheba; I was extremely impressed! If you haven’t tried Ethiopian yet, do it now.
  3. Getting a fob to the Denver Botanic Gardens member’s entrance. This is the best $25 I’ve ever spent and now we can have access from a few feet from our front door.
  4. Tackling a Boulder Brewery bike tour. I remained on my bike for the duration of this trip (shocking) and no one was injured. Plus we got to sample some awesome breweries in Boulder to celebrate two of our friends’ birthdays.
  5. Hiking to St. Mary’s Glacier. It was a short hike to this beautiful place and well worth it!

x B

Artist Profile: Kelli Hall

domino at home with mintedI don’t think I can claim having a photographic memory, but I am haunted by certain images. One such image that has been burned into my brain since I first came across it is Kelli Hall’s gorgeous artwork. Kelli is a stylist and an artist who turns anything she touches into gold.

kelli hall kelli hallHer art prints can be found on her Minted shop, but equally as impressive is her styling and photography. She understands layers, textures, and depth unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. She creates environments that are almost too beautiful to occupy (not that I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience one myself).

kelli hall stylingkelli hall stylingkelli hall stylingSee Kelli’s home tour on Domino and styling work on her blog or on Julep!

x B

Wild Tales

The other night I went to see a movie called Wild Tales, written and directed by Damián Szifrón from Argentina, which was nominated for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards this year. It includes six short stories of different people in their distressing situations. Each story is a satire of human behavior gone out of control. Laced with dark humor, the movie is sure to make you question the characters and their morals, but will definitely make you laugh.

The final story was my favorite and had everyone in the theater laughing. This is the first time in a long time that I’ve been to a movie where people clapped at the end.  It was that good. Watch it now.

x K

10 Ideas For Summer

summer ideasSummer is officially here and that means we get to relish in its greatness for 3 wonderful months of crazy heat and outdoor activities! Here is my unofficial bucket list for this summer.

10 Ideas For Summer:

  1. Take a road trip. Being in the car isn’t exactly my favorite activity, but if it means I am exploring new places with friends I can suck it up.
  2. Read a great book. I have my eye on a few and hope to get my hands on Harper Lee’s latest in July!
  3. Run a 5K. I don’t necessarily want to run in a race, but I would like to increase my mileage to my old go-to. Baby steps people.
  4. Attend a music festival. I have my eye on a few here in town…
  5. Try new recipes. I’ve been stuck in a culinary rut lately and would like to branch out and try something new. Maybe a new grilling recipe?
  6. Patio drinking. There is nothing better than enjoying a glass on wine (or any alcoholic beverage, really) on a patio. I would be more than happy at home or at a restaurant, but hopefully there is a lot of outdoor drinking in my near future.
  7. See a drive-in movie. Duh.
  8. Find the best mint chocolate chip ice cream in town. It’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.
  9. Soak in a beautiful sunset. The west is pretty hard to beat when it comes to this, but  I still need to find the perfect spot.
  10. Be spontaneous. I know this is super general, but I need to take more risks in my life and not be so worried about the future. I need to let go and let live. (We’ll see how long this lasts)

What’s on your summer bucket list?

x B

Artist Profile: Megan Carn

impressionist giraffeMegan Carn’s bright and playful paintings have caught my eye more than once on Pinterest and I finally pursued her full portfolio. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she lives in Columbia, SC! Her paintings put a fun and quirky spin on exotic wildlife…who doesn’t love these adorable portraits with highlights of hot pink?impressionist elephant monkeyostrich
Megan is just beginning her career as an artist and I can’t wait to see where she takes her art over the course of the years. She has also served as an inspiration to me and makes me want to push myself to paint more and begin to make it more than a hobby I pick up every three months. Here’s to dreams and making them happen!impressionist rhinoSee Megan’s full portfolio here!
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Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is a very special occasion at seven | sixteen…Kelly is celebrating a birthday! Thanks for all that you do here on the blog, we all love reading your posts.

Let’s all wish her a fabulous day full of love and lots of sweet treats! 🙂

Love you (despite the feelings conveyed in this photo)!

xoxo B

Yes Please

amy poehler
Our next book club selection was Yes Please by none other than Amy Poehler. I read this book in a matter of days (impressive for my lack of reading time lately), a testament to the quality of this memoir. Amy covers everything from childhood, to career, to parenthood, and all of her hilarious moments in between.

Poehler’s stories made me laugh out loud multiple times and I really appreciated her candidness. She opens up about how difficult it is to write a book — such a breath of fresh air when it seems that everyone and their mom is popping out a book these days! She also talks about her career and how despite how easy it may seem, she has struggled just like the rest of us. Amy, I love you, and your book.

x B

Glass Animals

gothic theater denverNext up on my summer concert series agenda was Glass Animals, the British indie-pop band. We saw them at the Gothic Theater in south Denver. It was my first time at this venue and I absolutely loved it! It was the perfect size and you can get super close to the artist even if you arrive late (like I did, oops!).

Their music, much like other artists I’ve been into lately, is what I would describe as ethereal electronic. It is the perfect soundtrack to any activity, zoning out for work, long drives, or even dancing in your bedroom. They sounded incredible live and were more than entertaining to watch. Their summer tour is just getting started and dates are being added due to popularity so be sure to check them out if they are in your city!

And if you can’t see them live, listen to their debut album here:

x B

Wes Anderson’s Bar Luce

wes andersonimage source

By now, most of you know about my obsession with Wes Anderson (my future husband) and if you aren’t familiar, I’m obsessed with all things “Wes”. In his latest project, he branched out from film making to try his hand in interior design in the form of Bar Luce. Bar Luce is an adorable cafe/bar (duh) in Milan. Like his film sets, the interior is washed in nostalgia, complimentary colors, and whimsical details.

His design is reminiscent of 1950’s interiors, and includes elements from several Italian films of that era. In classic Anderson style, he combines layer upon layer of detail to create interest which moves your eye around the space. Despite his lack of formal training, Wes has out done himself again and created a truly stunning product.

The bar is located in Prada’s cultural center in Milan and it is making me lust after a trip to Italy just to see it in person. (And I think you could twist my arm and convince me to stay for a cappuccino, wine, and delicious food.)



red rocksimage source

To kick off my summer concert season, we went to see Odesza in concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater last week. Odesza has been on my radar for a while now, but I’m not usually a huge fan of seeing electronic/DJ sets live. That is, until Odesza changed my mind. They blew me away with their graphics, the energy (up tempo, but not anxiety inducing), and the surprise appearance by Zyra. Both members played drums throughout the set and they included a brass band for the live performance.

I highly recommend going to see them if they are coming to a venue in your neck of the woods. And you can always put them on when you need to dance it out.

x B