Month: September 2015

Artist Profile: Kiana Mosley

Our next artist is Kiana Mosley from Hawaii who makes the most beautiful watercolors, abstracts, and collages. I love her vibrant color palettes, rich textures, and clean compositions. Her watercolors are simple, but so striking they would steal the spotlight in any room. kiana mosley kiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleyKiana’s body of work is featured on so many great sites so there’s no excuse not to snatch up a print (or two!) for your walls. See her work in her personal portfolio, Etsy shop, Minted, and Artfully Walls. And how beautiful are these alphabet collages? You know the B is my favorite!kiana mosleykiana mosley

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Pattern Obsession: Pineapple

While I’ve always been a fan of pineapple, I’ve recently become obsessed with this adorable fruit. I’ve been seeing it pop up in a variety of textiles and prints and I can’t get enough. It adds a bit of whimsy to an outfit or a wall and is a classic shape that will never go out of style. I also just learned that they are a symbol of hospitality, so go nuts.

pineapple print

wallpaper // t-shirt // dress // watercolor // bikini

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5 Favorite Documentaries

I love a good documentary. They are educational and entertaining, what’s not to love? I’ve been watching over the years and developed a pretty solid arsenal. I’ve compiled a list of my 5 favorite documentaries, but it was tough to pare it down!

5 Favorite Documentaries:

  1. Exit Through The Gift Shop. This Banksy film gives you insight into the underground world of street art.
  2. Blackfish. God I love this one. It’s a grimy look into Seaworld and their actions after one of their trainers was killed by a whale. Who has now produced more whales. Do not support Seaworld, y’all.
  3. Virunga. This documentary is a Netflix original and Oscar nominee. It is an eye opening look into the efforts of rangers trying to protect the gorillas in Africa’s national park.
  4. Tig. Tig has been becoming more of a household name as of late since her honest stand up about having breast cancer. This Netflix documentary follows her since the  groundbreaking set through her cancer, family plans, and career.
  5. Kurt Cobain Montage Of Heck. This is an intimate look into Cobain’s life and his creative process. It is interesting to see how his mind worked and how incredibly talented he was.

Happy watching!

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Artist Profile: Kate Roebuck

Our next artist featured for our artist profile is Kate Roebuck. Kate is another Southern artist (I don’t only choose Southern artists on purpose, I swear!) whose breadth of work is broad and exciting. Each piece is versatile in both subject matter, texture, and color. Her style can vary from classical to abstract to geometric and whichever style of painting she creates is beautiful. kate roebuckkate roebuckkate roebuckI love her choice of quirky subject matter like these shark’s teeth, beetles, etc. So unexpected, but absolutely killer! (Pun intended)kate roebuckkate roebuckkate roebuck
These woven pieces are absolutely gorgeous too. It takes a special person to weave like this — it is not for the faint of heart.
kate roebuck
kate roebuck
And my absolute favorite (appropriately named Rebecca):kate roebuck
Kate’s work is available in several places including her personal site, her collaborative site with her sister Bowerbird Collective, or on Artfully Walls. Be sure to take a look at all of these sites as each contains a different body of work.

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Etsy Updates

Y’all, I have FINALLY updated my Etsy shop! The new shop seven | sixteen contains all new product photography along with an entirely new collection of designs. I am so excited to share this with you. I have included some highlights below, but you can see the full inventory on Etsy here.
floral ink drawingcongrats greeting cardmidas touch

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5 Favorite Denver Breweries

favorite denver breweriesColorado is known for its craft beer and since its recent influx of transplants (yours truly included), breweries have been popping up everywhere. As a self proclaimed beer aficionado, I’ve taken it upon myself to sample around town to find my favorite breweries. Here is my list of the top 5 in Denver, though I’m sure there are plenty out there who would disagree with me.

5 Favorite Denver Breweries:

  1. Comrade: A little off the beaten path, but a good neighborhood spot for locals and a fun place for non-locals, like myself, to visit. Their beers are great and they have plenty of games to keep you entertained.
  2. Ratio: A mid-century brewery located in RiNo with beers that relate to the mathematic theme. They have a large indoor space with an equally as large outdoor patio for summer months.
  3. Great Divide: Probably the most well-known Denver brewery, but a night spent here is never dull and the beers are classics and will not disappoint. I’ve still never toured the brewery so I can’t speak to that, but everyone who has been enjoys it.
  4. Crooked Stave: A sour bar located in The Source, an awesome collaborative space that combines restaurants, bars, and retailers, in the RiNo district. If you aren’t a fan of sours this brewery will more than likely not be on your list, but if you do you will love sampling all they have to offer.
  5. Strange: My personal favorite brewery in Denver. It is a smaller space nestled in an industrial area west of downtown. The tasting room is relatively small, but they have a fun outdoor area as well. Their grapefruit IPA is my go to!

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Travel Guide: Steamboat Springs

travel guide steamboat springsWhen my friend suggested we tag along for a weekend in Steamboat Springs for a water ski tournament I instantly agreed. I’ve been dying to check out the town since I moved to Colorado and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. We drove up Friday after work and got to see most of the views before the sunset including a gorgeous lake parallel to the road that reflected the sunset and all its color.

The next morning the skiers attended the tournament and my friend and I took off to explore the town. We stayed within walking distance of downtown so it was a nice stroll. We stopped in a few shops and browsed the local farmer’s market which contained a larger variety of goods than most including jewelry and clothing vendors.

After our shopping, we met up with more people from our trip to hike to Fish Creek Falls. This was a short hike to the base of the falls where you could sit and listen to the water. We took advantage of this setting to get to know one another better while enjoying a beer. We then headed to the ski lake to watch our friends compete for a bit. After the tournament we grabbed some happy hour beers at Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill.

We made our way back to the condo we were staying in and made a huge family dinner for everyone. After eating more than our fill, we decided to head out for a night on the town. We sampled a few of the local bars and Steamboat’s nightlife did not disappoint.

The following day we made our way to Strawberry Hot Springs where we dipped our toes in a few pools (some were extremely cold and others extremely hot!), but decided to hang out in the more tepid pools. The springs are nestled into a scenic area and make for a relaxing natural spa. The drive back to Denver was bittersweet, but it was great to see the surrounding mountains during the day. All in all, Steamboat is the perfect weekend getaway and I hope to make a trip up there this winter to ski!

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