As a blogger it’s no surprise that I love scrolling through blogs. I read a variety of blogs: design, fashion, lifestyle, and even cooking blogs (don’t worry, I stick to the easy recipes). These help me stay inspired, make me laugh, and are my favorite way to unwind after a long day or on a lazy weekend morning. I’ve rounded up my five favorite blogs to share with you, but these are in no particular order.

style by emily henderson1- Style by Emily Henderson
I turn to Emily whenever I need beautiful images, flawless styling, and a great sense of humor. Her blog covers everything from Interior Design (which is why I was originally drawn to it), to fashion, to pregnancy/being a mommy, to Craigslist finds in various cities across the country. I never get bored reading her posts even if they are about something I can’t relate to in the slightest. I think her style is right on point and I have never seen anything she’s done that disappointed. Yeah, yeah I know I should marry her already…Emily, if you’re reading this, any interest?

cupcakes and cashmere2- Cupcakes and Cashmere
Another blog authored by an Emily who has transitioned from working in publishing (at Conde Nast, no less) to full time blogging. Also a new mommy (to the most precious baby girl), her blog covers fashion, beauty, food, and Interior Design. Emily has great style that is reflected in all aspects of her blog and books. I own the first, Cupcakes and Cashmere, and she just published her second, Cupcakes and Cashmere At Home, which I am highly anticipating. And if any of you subscribe to Birchbox, Emily was the curator behind May’s box!

the everygirl3- The Everygirl
Not so much a blog as a database for everything in a girl’s life. The site features a variety of authors who cover everything from career profiles, fitness, recipes, fashion, beauty, travel, dating/relationships, and financial tips. They make all of these topics relatable, affordable, and appealing to us every girls. I have never read an article I didn’t like and am constantly inspired by the women they feature on their site. I can only┬áhope to be featured one day…dream big people!

beautiful hello, emily jeffords4- Beautiful Hello
And yet, another author named Emily. Am I obsessed with people named Emily?? (Maybe I should use this to see if Emilys and Beckys are compatible?) Those close to me know how obsessed I am with Emily’s artwork and my internet friends know about my obsession because I blogged about it here…I have several prints of Emily’s work and I am constantly inspired by her painted style. Her blog is not only filled with pretty (or Beautiful) images of her work, but packed with awesome advice for creatives, entrepreneurs, and lost souls like myself.

joy the baker
5- Joy the Baker
Joy is, as you guessed, the baker turned food genius behind her blog. She creates interesting concoctions with the most seemingly opposite ingredients (peanut butter and pickle sandwich, anyone?), but always creates winning dishes. Her photography makes me want to bake (until I make a mess in the kitchen only to have my “muffins” come out of the oven flat and unappealing looking). She also offers great life advice and has gotten me through some dark times. Cheers, Joy!

Happy reading!

x B


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