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Becky, the founder of seven | sixteen, is a twenty-something creative type looking to share her views, ideas, and inspiration with you. She is an Interior Designer by day, but loves all things design including product, fashion, graphic, and stationery design. She enjoys painting and drawing, though there never seems to be enough time in the day for either of these.  Wine solves most of her problems, except her drinking problem. (She doesn’t actually have a drinking problem). She loves to travel and would make it into her career if she could. Known for her lack of culinary skills she asked her sister, Kelly, to join her in this endeavor to contribute recipes, travel tips, and insights on being an American abroad.

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Kelly studied architecture at Clemson University and upon graduating decided she didn’t want to become a licensed architect. She moved to London a few years ago to pursue a Masters and never left.  Her love of Europe, traveling and design has kept her across the Atlantic. She now works for a design consultancy based in Shoreditch.  As a fairly adept baker and cook, Kelly enjoys spending lots of free time in the kitchen, mostly because she loves good food and especially desserts.  Kelly is also likes running (sometimes), cycling and yoga.  When she’s not doing any of the above she can be found exploring London, visiting museums and the like.


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