britt bassNext up in my Artist Profile series is Atlanta¬†artist Britt Bass. This girl is young, sharp, and talented! It is so inspiring to see a young woman make sacrifices to make her dreams come true, but still have fun doing it. Her work is lively, bright, and spontaneous (I’m sure she would disagree with this since creating is a process, not an act of spontaneity!).

I love her use of color, whimsy, and energy that is embodied in each painting. Take a look at some of her more recent works below. She also makes iPhone cases, pillows, and prints for those of you on a budget (aka, me). Check out all of her gorgeous work here!

britt bass britt bass britt bassAnd my ALL time favorite piece that first caught my attention two years ago:
Britt Bass

I would love to incorporate some of these pieces into my designs/my personal home one of these days!
x B

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