I would like to begin a new series on this blog to highlight hardworking artists who have made a name for themselves. It is so great to see young, talented artists becoming so successful and more importantly that art is still very much appreciated in this digital age.

I wanted to begin with my favorite artist whom I always turn to for inspiration, wise words, and gorgeous imagery. Not to mention, she’s from my hometown of Greenville, SC! Without further ado, meet Emily Jeffords.
Emily Jeffords Fine ArtHer loose, impressionist brush strokes are so lively and her color palettes are bright and happy it makes it difficult not to love. Her originals are beautiful, but she creates such lifelike prints that collectors on a budget (like myself) can barely tell the difference. I own several of her prints and have been extremely satisfied with the quality. She also has fun a collection at Minted, and with West Elm so the possibilities of adding gorgeous art to your home are endless! See her full collection of originals and prints on her equally as beautiful website.Emily Jeffords Fine Art Emily Jeffords Fine Art Emily Jeffords fine art

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