lisa madiganI often get caught in a trance when scrolling Pinterest and everything looks the same after a while. Yet, I still find ways to waste hours constantly scrolling. During one such mindless scrolling session I was snapped out of my trance by a painting that made my heart stop. Enter artist, Lisa Madigan.

Lisa is an Australian based artist that creates an interesting dichotomy with her work. Her paintings are light and airy while simultaneously full of depth and layer upon layer. The color theory Madigan explores in her work is interesting yet soothing, another impressive accomplishment.lisa madigan lisa madigan

This series of round paintings in copper frames is my absolute favorite. These would make for an incredibly awesome art installation used in a group of three!lisa madiganlisa madiganlisa madiganIt was tough narrowing down her body of work to these few paintings so be sure to take a look at Lisa’s full portfolio here.

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