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Wow. Long time no talk. Really, has it been 10 months? I’ve been catching up on life and allowing myself to slow down a bit (not really, but something had to give). Work has been my biggest priority and I’m still working on creating a balance between being the best employee I can, having fun, pursuing my other creative endeavors, and being the best the best version of myself in other aspects of my life. It’s not always pretty, but it’s a work in progress.

Creative burnout often happens when you’re burning the candle at both ends, but I’m learning to be more forgiving of myself so I can still pursue my favorite creative activities without feeling totally exhausted. I’ve spent the last 10 months working on building my painting portfolio, learning more on the business aspect of art, and still making time to explore new places for fresh ideas. So, all that to say, more content coming soon! Thank you for the continued support and I look forward to seeing what is in store for seven | sixteen!

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August Favorites

august favorites
Crazy to think we are into the final quarter of 2015! Where has this year gone? August was another great month soaking up the last bits of summer and spending time with friends. It was tough to only pick 5, but here are my favorite August moments.

  1. Checking out the Paris Street Market in Littleton that is held the first weekend of every month throughout the summer. This was a fun way to spend the majority of the morning and score some great deals for the house.
  2. Tubing the Boulder Creek. I did this with two of my best friends and it was a riot. People on the creek path were highly entertained by our antics and our laughter was contagious.
  3. Seeing the rare corpse flower at the Denver Botanic Gardens. We didn’t get up close, but it was large enough to see from a distance.
  4. Getting to see My Morning Jacket and Sylvan Esso in concert. Such a great show!
  5. I booked a flight to London, baby! (Friends, anyone?). I’ll be going to visit Kelly for Thanksgiving!! Don’t worry, an epic travel guide will follow.

I hope your August was awesome too.

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July Favorites

My favorite month of year, for obvious reasons, is July. It’s hotter than hell, but time seems to slow for just a little and you can really enjoy summer. This month was one for the books with lots of fun activities packed into four short weeks. Here’s my list of five July favorites.

1- Celebrating our nation’s birthday in none other than D.C. We had a mini family reunion in this fine city and it was the perfect weekend trip catching up with family and friends. A travel guide is on the way, I promise.

2- Watching two great friends bring a baby into this world. I may be far off from this juncture in my life, but seeing that beautiful baby’s photo for the first time brought tears to my eyes. Congrats Rachel, he is stunning!

3- Celebrating a birthday. I was lucky enough to celebrate multiple times with lots of different friends. A nice dinner and drinks with my roommate, a Jurassic 5 concert with friends (see above photo), and Wes Anderson style at our costume party.

4- Getting a new piercing. Don’t get too excited, nothing juicy, just an upper earlobe re-pierce that had grown back. But, it does make me feel like I’m embracing my “artsy” side every time I catch it reflecting in the mirror.

5- Checking out a new restaurant in our neighborhood, One Fold. This little gem is seriously delicious!

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Self Love

self loveimage source

It may not be glaringly apparent (or maybe I’m kidding myself), but self love is something i struggle with on a daily basis. Whether is a negative thought about my appearance or my constant worrying if people like me, it rears its ugly head several times a day. When I confide in friends about my self loathing, most brush it off with a simple, “you’re crazy”. Maybe I am, but I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this.

Mental illness takes an infinite number of forms and manifests itself in everyone differently. Simply telling people they’re crazy rather than giving them the assistance they are seeking is only making the problem worse, but I digress. I find myself making negative comments about my appearance I would never even think about another person. It is most often “I look fat” or “my hair looks like shit”, but sometimes it goes much deeper and leads to “I’m so gross, how could anyone like me?”. It’s not always about my physical appearance either. I often criticize my own work, be it professional, artistic, or hell, even this blog.

I, oddly enough, find it very hard to swallow other people’s criticisms about me even if I know they are right. It makes me feel ashamed and embarrassed that I’m not like everyone else. Yet, I don’t accept praise or compliments easily despite my overwhelming desire to be perfect at everything I do. I dislike attention and experience social anxiety when I’m in the midst of one of my self loathing moods. I’ve done some serious soul searching and found that all of these problems stem from one central issue: my self confidence. This is the foundation for everything in life. If you aren’t happy with yourself, it effects every facet of your life from work to relationships (with others and yourself).

When I’m happy with myself I take better care of my health — mental and physical, I am more creative, I have more energy, I’m more confident, the list goes on. It’s during these times that I attract people, both friends and guys. So, I’m sure you’re asking, why the fuck are you not happy all of the time?? As a creative perfectionist it is not always easy to see the bright side. I’m usually examining myself with a magnifying glass wondering why my arms aren’t perfectly toned, why I’m not an overnight entrepreneurial success, why I don’t have a boyfriend, is this part of my 5 year plan…all in the span of about 10 seconds. So with a mind that never quits it’s pretty easy to get caught up in the mayhem.

It will take some time and I will have good days and bad days, but I’m learning to love myself. I’m accepting my flaws and my weird personality as qualities that make me, me. Hopefully I’m not the only one who feels this way so let’s all take some time to appreciate who we are and love ourselves for being us.

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Two Years

2nd birthday
image via DIY Playbook

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been two years since I started this little blog. It’s true what they say, time really flies when you’re having fun! Thanks for your continued readership and interest in my thoughts and musings. Here’s to many more years of seven | sixteen and my exposing my quirkiness to the entire world. Cheers!

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June Favorites

june favoritesJune is typically a blissfully warm month filled with lots of outdoor activities. This year’s weather is making that a little difficult, but that’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed these past 4 weeks. Here’s my round up of June Favorites!

June Favorites:

  1. Orange is New Black is back! This show provides me with some great humor and a healthy dose of appreciation for my life that is not in prison.
  2. Trying Ethiopian food for the first time. If you are in the Denver area be sure to visit Queen of Sheba; I was extremely impressed! If you haven’t tried Ethiopian yet, do it now.
  3. Getting a fob to the Denver Botanic Gardens member’s entrance. This is the best $25 I’ve ever spent and now we can have access from a few feet from our front door.
  4. Tackling a Boulder Brewery bike tour. I remained on my bike for the duration of this trip (shocking) and no one was injured. Plus we got to sample some awesome breweries in Boulder to celebrate two of our friends’ birthdays.
  5. Hiking to St. Mary’s Glacier. It was a short hike to this beautiful place and well worth it!

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Happy Birthday Kelly!

Today is a very special occasion at seven | sixteen…Kelly is celebrating a birthday! Thanks for all that you do here on the blog, we all love reading your posts.

Let’s all wish her a fabulous day full of love and lots of sweet treats! 🙂

Love you (despite the feelings conveyed in this photo)!

xoxo B

May Favorites

five favoritesAnother month has flown by, but that means it’s time for May Favorites! I hope time slows down for just a little bit this summer so I can feel like some part of 2015 wasn’t a blur. The first five months of 2015 have been good to me, so I would like to keep it that way for the remaining seven!

1- Hello Ladies. I love Stephen Merchant and I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this show sooner. I was laughing out loud more than once and wish there was more than just one season.

2- The Big Wonderful has returned! I love the premise behind this festival, browsing local artists’ work, sampling food trucks, and great beer on tap. Now if the weather would cooperate with being outside

3- Adding some new succulents and plants (namely rosemary since it is all I can keep alive) to my collection. So far everyone is still alive!

4- Trying out the new Avery Brewing Co. in Boulder. The new facility is huge and their beer (and food) is delicious…what’s not to love?

5- My first magazine cover! This was such a surreal moment. I remember being a junior in college and we were asked to write our career goals for the first five years in the industry. One of my goals was to be published. I can’t take full credit for this, but I was involved in the selections for this Kitchen/Breakfast Nook and I can’t believe it made the cover!
may favorites

Hope your May was fabulous too!

x B

April Favorites

five favoritesI can’t believe another month has come and gone, where is this year going?! This month’s weather varied drastically in true Denver fashion, but I was able to take advantage of the benefits of spring with sun filled days more than once. Here is my list of my five favorite moments from this month.

April Favorites:

1- Rockies’ games. I usually can’t tell you the score or even who won since baseball is most definitely not my favorite sport, but I do love the atmosphere of the stadium and the gorgeous sunset view it has to offer.

2- Al fresco dining. I don’t know why food tastes better when you’re enjoying it on a rooftop or patio, but it does. We had a wonderful (vegan) lunch on Watercourse Foods‘ patio this month. Be sure to check it out if you’re in the area!

3- In light of al fresco dining season, we just purchased new furniture for our communal deck in our apartment and I can’t wait to spruce it up with cafe lights and plants (if I can keep them alive).

4- Creating some commissioned cards for a great friend!

seven sixteen designs

5- Outdoor concert season. It is finally time to enjoy music outside! This month we got to see A$AP Rocky (my favorite) and Snoop Dogg, more to come in a follow up post. I also have a few Red Rocks shows on the horizon and I cannot wait.

x B

What’s In A Name

I came across this website that defines your name a couple of weeks back, and it is uncanny! I have looked up the names of almost everyone I know and it is pretty accurate. I mean, embarrassingly enough, I do this, “Pernickety and paradoxically, disorganized, she is capable of spending two hours in the bathroom while neglecting other household chores…”.

See the rest of “Becky” below to see how accurate it is (or if we don’t know each other, to get to know my wildest quirks) and be sure to check yours out too!

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