face moleWe all inherit our external features (and internal) for better or for worse from our gene pool. Mine has so kindly “blessed” me with skin that is more prone to develop moles instead of freckles or just even pigmentation like most people. This means I get to visit the dermatologist every six months for routine checkups and now have some super attractive scars from where some of my little friends have had to be removed. Luckily in all of my procedures they have found nothing serious and for that I am grateful. It also means that I have had a mole on my right cheek ever since I can remember. This is by far my most significant mole and subsequently, my most significant feature. We’ve had a love/hate relationship my entire life, but love wins by a hair since I have never gone through with having it removed.
face moleThe first time I felt self conscious about it was when my mom and I went to review my senior photos and the photographer asked if I wanted him to airbrush it out. My parents always called it my beauty mark growing up and that’s what I believed. I never realized it was a “blemish” that needed to be photoshopped. To this day I hate looking at those photos because they lack authenticity and bring back the self consciousness. Every time I begin to come to terms with it, someone brings it to my attention again in a seemingly offensive way. (I have actually been told that I am the mole-iest person my dermatologist’s nurse had ever seen). They always quickly backtrack and then try to tell me it is beautiful, they love it, blah, blah, blah. I have also discussed removing it with┬ámultiple doctors including a plastic surgeon (and my therapist!) and they all tell me the same thing, it’s so beautiful why would you want to remove it? I don’t know why it is so difficult for me to get past, but its been a struggle for me since those senior photos. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes saying, “white girl problems” right now, but low self esteem isn’t just limited to white girls.

face moleBut after a quick google search I realized that some of the most beautiful women in the world, Cindy Crawford, Marilyn Monroe, Eva Mendez, and Kate Upton, all share the same feature. A face mole. It’s time I learn to embrace it and realize that it is a feature that makes me unique. It is also time that I learn that everyone is beautiful in their own way, with or without a face mole. So, here’s to losing the genetic lottery, but being perfectly ok with it, learning to love yourself, and learning to embrace your uniqueness…being generic is overrated.

face mole

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