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When Netflix recommended Sing Street to me, I nonchalantly added it to my cue to save for a rainy day. I watched it one nondescript Sunday afternoon thinking it would be mediocre at best, but I was more than pleasantly surprised at this little gem of a film. It is such a great storyline though its main plot line is hardly original — an underdog trying to get a girl that is out of his reach. Inspired by 80’s glam bands, this rag-tag team of green musicians try their hand at writing original music, filming epic videos to match their songs, and live performances.

Though it is centered around teenagers, Sing Street is a great reminder that there is no better time than the present to pursue your dreams. The thick Irish accents can be a little tough to decipher in the beginning, but stick with it. Once they start singing you won’t be able to get the catchy songs out of your head for days. And yes, they come with some awesome 80’s dancing. Watch Sing Street when you need a pick me up and a quirky movie is the answer!


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