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Artist Profile: Julia Contacessi

I came across Julia’s work through Minted, but immediately wanted to find more of her paintings. Her website is absolutely breathtaking, like most of her pieces. Her work conveys a very ethereal perspective of her subject matter. She excels in both abstracts and landscapes using  a mixture of both subdued and bright color palettes.
julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi julia contacessi

If you’re as hooked as I am, check out all of Julia’s work on her website!

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Artist Profile: Kiana Mosley

Our next artist is Kiana Mosley from Hawaii who makes the most beautiful watercolors, abstracts, and collages. I love her vibrant color palettes, rich textures, and clean compositions. Her watercolors are simple, but so striking they would steal the spotlight in any room. kiana mosley kiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleykiana mosleyKiana’s body of work is featured on so many great sites so there’s no excuse not to snatch up a print (or two!) for your walls. See her work in her personal portfolio, Etsy shop, Minted, and Artfully Walls. And how beautiful are these alphabet collages? You know the B is my favorite!kiana mosleykiana mosley

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Artist Profile: Kate Roebuck

Our next artist featured for our artist profile is Kate Roebuck. Kate is another Southern artist (I don’t only choose Southern artists on purpose, I swear!) whose breadth of work is broad and exciting. Each piece is versatile in both subject matter, texture, and color. Her style can vary from classical to abstract to geometric and whichever style of painting she creates is beautiful. kate roebuckkate roebuckkate roebuckI love her choice of quirky subject matter like these shark’s teeth, beetles, etc. So unexpected, but absolutely killer! (Pun intended)kate roebuckkate roebuckkate roebuck
These woven pieces are absolutely gorgeous too. It takes a special person to weave like this — it is not for the faint of heart.
kate roebuck
kate roebuck
And my absolute favorite (appropriately named Rebecca):kate roebuck
Kate’s work is available in several places including her personal site, her collaborative site with her sister Bowerbird Collective, or on Artfully Walls. Be sure to take a look at all of these sites as each contains a different body of work.

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Artist Profile: Mia Christopher

There is something about simplistic compositions that make my heart skip a beat. San Francisco based artist, Mia Christopher’s beautiful collages are understated and simple, but extremely powerful at the same time. I love her use of mixed media and bold color combinations, but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!
mia christophermia christophermis christophermia christophermia christophermia christophermia christopherAre you in love yet? If these aren’t convincing enough, see her full portfolio here.

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Artist Profile: Kelli Hall

domino at home with mintedI don’t think I can claim having a photographic memory, but I am haunted by certain images. One such image that has been burned into my brain since I first came across it is Kelli Hall’s gorgeous artwork. Kelli is a stylist and an artist who turns anything she touches into gold.

kelli hall kelli hallHer art prints can be found on her Minted shop, but equally as impressive is her styling and photography. She understands layers, textures, and depth unlike anyone I’ve ever seen. She creates environments that are almost too beautiful to occupy (not that I’ve ever been lucky enough to experience one myself).

kelli hall stylingkelli hall stylingkelli hall stylingSee Kelli’s home tour on Domino and styling work on her blog or on Julep!

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Artist Profile: Megan Carn

impressionist giraffeMegan Carn’s bright and playful paintings have caught my eye more than once on Pinterest and I finally pursued her full portfolio. I was pleasantly surprised to find that she lives in Columbia, SC! Her paintings put a fun and quirky spin on exotic wildlife…who doesn’t love these adorable portraits with highlights of hot pink?impressionist elephant monkeyostrich
Megan is just beginning her career as an artist and I can’t wait to see where she takes her art over the course of the years. She has also served as an inspiration to me and makes me want to push myself to paint more and begin to make it more than a hobby I pick up every three months. Here’s to dreams and making them happen!impressionist rhinoSee Megan’s full portfolio here!
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Artist Profile: Jaime Derringer

Jaime Derringer
Our next featured artist is Jaime Derringer, the founder of Design Milk and creator of the following beauties. Her work is a compilation of layers, shapes, and color combinations to create a unique style all her own.Jaime Derringer
 140821-12Jaime DerringerHer pieces range from simplistic bold compositions to more complex and layered pieces, but I love the look of all of them. She has several collections with Art.com and Minted which contain many more incredible pieces.
Jaime Derringer

Jaime’s full body of work can be found on her site, which promises lots of pretty images for hours of scrolling entertainment.

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Artist Profile: Lisa Madigan

lisa madiganI often get caught in a trance when scrolling Pinterest and everything looks the same after a while. Yet, I still find ways to waste hours constantly scrolling. During one such mindless scrolling session I was snapped out of my trance by a painting that made my heart stop. Enter artist, Lisa Madigan.

Lisa is an Australian based artist that creates an interesting dichotomy with her work. Her paintings are light and airy while simultaneously full of depth and layer upon layer. The color theory Madigan explores in her work is interesting yet soothing, another impressive accomplishment.lisa madigan lisa madigan

This series of round paintings in copper frames is my absolute favorite. These would make for an incredibly awesome art installation used in a group of three!lisa madiganlisa madiganlisa madiganIt was tough narrowing down her body of work to these few paintings so be sure to take a look at Lisa’s full portfolio here.

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Artist Profile: Jenna Snyder-Phillips

Jenna Snyder-PhillipsI first came across artist, Jenna Snyder-Phillips’ work while perusing photos on Domino’s website. The image below of Snyder Phillips’ apartment will forever be one of the most hauntingly beautiful interiors I have ever seen. Everything about this vignette is striking, but the bold graphics of her artwork captivate me the most.

Jenna Snyder-PhillipsAfter I found this image I immediately looked up other pieces from her portfolio. All of her work is striking and simple yet bold. This is a style I have sought after for years and my paintings always end up an overworked blob of color. Her portfolio ranges from figures to wildlife to landscapes. She even has a few abstract pieces as well.
jenna snyder-phillips jenna snyder-phillips jenna snyder-phillipsHer full portfolio (including interior styling work!) can be found here. Her full apartment tour can be found on Domino here. And you can find me staring at these paintings through my computer screen all day!

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Artist Profile: Harrison Blackford

Greenville, SC, mine and Kelly’s hometown is becoming quite a hub for artist and many of them are making a name for themselves across the country, not just in the Southeast. One such artist is next in our Artist Profile series, Harrison Blackford. Harrison’s portfolio is a combination of bright impressionistic and abstract work.harrison blackford

harrison blackford

She also has a broad range of landscape and architectural pieces highlighting the unique building vernacular from around the world. I love her use of unexpected color and the depth she creates with added texture.harrison blackford



harrison blackfordSee her full portfolio on her website and rumor has it she will be adding new pieces in May!

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